13 Hilarious English Sign Fails

We get it, it’s hard to translate from one language to another. Even so, we’re hard pressed to figure out exactly what the sign makers were getting at with some of these.

1. Worst fire extinguisher ever.

Credit: Imgur.com

2. For all the underage partakers.

Credit: Imgur.com

3. Uh…are you talking about mine? Or someone else’s….

Credit: Chris Radley

4. I don’t think that’s the correct medical term.

Source: Reddit.com

5. I don’t understand exactly why this would be considered fun.

Source: Offbeatchina.com

6. Translation: no totally sweet toilet gymnastics allowed.

7. Um…sure, I’ll try?

8. That’s not the politically correct term these days…

9. Is that like…receiving a haircut from an Asian barber? Getting your haircut like an Asian? WHAT DOES IT MEAN!?

10. I’ll just have some water . 

11. Finally, a soup I can really enjoy.

12. As featured on “Top Chef”.

Credit: offbeatchina.com

13. Wow, what an offer! I’ll just wait over here then.