17 Photos That Show Why Everyone Needs to Visit Montana

It’s my humble opinion that Montana is one of the most underrated states in all of the U.S. Maybe it’s because it’s nestled away so far North, maybe it’s because it lacks some of the glitzy glamour of more populous states, but Montana is frequently left out of U.S. travel guides in favor of other destinations. If you love nature and wide open spaces, Montana is a dream come true. Not convinced? Check out these 17 awesome photos of what you’ll see in “Big Sky Country”.

1. You’ll get to see views like this (Glacier National Park)

Breath of Fresh Air
Source: Flickr

2. And this:

Saint Mary Lake Sunset 2
Source: Flickr

 3. You’ll see parts of the best national park (Yellowstone)

Studio Session-048
Source: Flickr

 4. You may even run into this guy:

Moose Crossing

5. Or him:

Brutus and Friend
Source: Flickr

6. Take part in some of the best skiing in the world (Big Sky Resort):

Big Sky, Montana
Source: Flickr

7. Here too (Bridger Bowl):Eyeing Peter's Point from the bottom of The Ramp just north of Bridger Bowl
Source: Flickr

8. You can see the site of one of the most famous battles ever (Little Bighorn)

Little Bighorn - Indian Memorial-7590
Source: Flickr

9. Drive one of the most beautiful drives in the world (Going-to-the-sun road)

4-8-15 - View of Bird Woman Falls from near Haystack Creek
Source: Flickr

10. Everywhere you turn you’re greeted with a new mountain (Northern Rockies)

Curious watchers..
 Source: Flickr

11. Enjoy the peacefulness of being the only human in a place like this (Swiftcurrent Lake):

Glacier Nation Park Montana - Swiftcurrent Lake
Source: Flickr

12. It’s one of the few places that still has true American cowboys:

Roping Fast
Source: Flickr

12. It’s not all nature though, there are also unique towns like Butte:

Butte 008
Source: Flickr

13. And West Yellowstone:

Source: Flickr

14. And they are full of friendly and unique residents:
old cowboy montana
Source: Flickr


Fetched Another Trying to Get Away
Source: Flickr

16. And if that’s not enough, you can always visit for one of the most unique festivals in the world (The Testical Festival, Clinton)

testical festival
Source: Flickr

17. And when you’re all done, you are treated to sunsets like this:

Big Sky.
Source: Flickr