19 Signs That You Definitely Have a Traveling Addiction

1. The only pictures you ever upload on Facebook are from a different country.


2. You’ve mentally split your life up into two sections: The time you are on the road, and the time where you catch up with friends and family.


3. You consider all of your jobs “temporary assignments”.

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4. At all times you know where your bag is, how long it would take you to pack it, and the cheapest country to fly to from your local airport.

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5. You spend hours using Skyscanner’s “fly anywhere” option, with no intention of buying a ticket.


6…But you end up buying a ticket anyway.


7. A short list of your heroes: Rick Steves and Anthony Bourdain.


8. You’ve started planning a trip while on a different trip.

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9. When you’re invited to an event, it always starts with “If you’re going to be around…”

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10. And every email you receive ends with “where the hell are you?”

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11. You legitimately read guidebooks for fun, even if you have no foreseeable plans on going to that country.

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12. You find yourself wanting to tell a story from your travels to your friends, but you refrain because you don’t want to be that guy.

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13. You still end up being that guy.  


14. You gave up on trying to write a bucketlist of places you want to see after getting to the 500th entry. Now you just maintain a much shorter list of places you DON’T want to see (I’m looking at you, North Korea).


15. You put off making any huge purchases, because “hey, I’m just going to have to put it somewhere when I leave”.


16. You have a travel related tattoo.

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17. You have compared stamps in a passport with another traveler.

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18. You got jealous when you find out they have more.

19. You view your time at home as a break from your real life, not that other way around.



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