27 Gifs That Perfectly Describe Your Semester Abroad

If you’ve studied abroad, chances are you can relate:

1. Realizing for the first time you really need to travel


2. Trying to pick where to go, and finally just settling on Europe

3. Deciding who to tell you’re leaving

4. Getting off the plane for the first time


5. Your first time using the foreign subway


6. Meeting your new flatmates for the first time.


7.  When you spend your first day walking around and getting lost

8. Seeing your first famous landmark

9. When you find out the club doesn’t even open until two

10. Trying to take your first class in a foreign language, hungover 

11. When my parents suggest I should study more

12. Trying to speak the language sober

13. Speaking the language after 10 beers

14. Having “just a little” wine at lunch

15. When your roommate wants to go out for the 10th straight night

16. Waking up one morning and realizing you’re really homesick

17. When you find some food from home and you suddenly feel better

18. Getting on the wrong bus and not knowing how to ask for directions

19. When you see other people speaking English in your favorite bar

20. Taking your first long train ride

21. When your crazy friend is about to buy drugs from an Albanian drug dealer

22. Realizing you’re running out of money and need to choose between beer or food

23. Looking at your calendar and realizing that it’s already almost over

24. Trying to fit all of Europe into your last 3 weekends

25. When your first travel abroad friend leaves to go home

26. Opening your grades for the first time

27. Heading to the airport for the last time