7 Absolutely Pointless Travel Records Waiting to be Broken

Thinking about taking your travel to the next level? About undertaking a gargantuan and totally pointless task for the sole purpose of being a record holder? Then consider tackling one of these 5 travel records that apparently only exist because someone wanted them to.

1. The “Tube Challenge”

UK_London_Friday 055

Source: Flickr

It’s simple: visit every station in the London Underground without the use vehicles and bikes. Running is important, as is prior knowledge of the most effective route.  The current record is 16 hours, 29 minutes and 13 seconds set on 27 May 2011.

2. Most miles ridden on a scooter in 24 hours

Hello kitty scooter gang

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The current record is held by siblings Jason Chalmers and Tamlyn Locke, who rode their scooters from Johannesburg, South Africa to Majtiesfontein in the Western Cape, a distance of 735.5 miles. This record is extremely breakable, depending on conditions and the maintenance of your scooter. Just don’t let any of your friends see you breaking it.

3. Largest collection of barf bags

I think I’m gonna be sick


Source: Flickr

Niek Vermeulen of the Netherlands has massed a stunning collection of 5,588, with more being added every day. We have to wonder how exactly he is collecting so many. Hopefeully he is taking flights and stealing every planes entire stock, because if he is ordering these in bulk it might as well be cheating.

4. Greatest distance traveled by train in 24 hours


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The record of 1845 miles is currently held by Brian Stine, who traveled the route using high speed and normal trains in Japan. The only caveat? You can’t ride the same route twice. Rumor has it he first tried this in America state of the art rail system, but gave up after only traveling 20 miles in 10 hours.

5. Most capitol cities visited in 24 hours


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Another record held by an intrepid Brit, Barnaby Davies visted 7 European capitols: London, Paris, Brussels, Ljubljana, Vienna, Bratislava, and Budapest. We recommend against trying to do this in North America. Leave any site seeing for the way back.

6.  Longest Taxi Journey

London Canary Wharf street

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Forget ordering an uber. How about trying to drive 32,000 miles in a London taxi? That’s exactly what 4 friends from London did, completing the epic journey in about 4 months.

7, Longest time hitchhiking while carrying a refrigerator

My roommates got me an early X-mas gift, a mini fridge.

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While I’m not really sure why anyone would want to break this record, we are pretty sure it’s breakable for the first person with the patience to try. Tony Hawks (not the famous skater, unfortunately) traveled 1025 miles hitchhiking through Ireland while carrying a mini fridge . While strange, it was apparently noteworthy enough to include in the Guinness Book of World Records. So go ahead and grab your old college fridge and get ready to make history.