7 European Castles That Cost Less Than a House in Los Angeles

With home prices starting to increase all over Southern California, realtors are predicting the average price in 2015 for a 4 bedroom home in L.A. to be 1 million USD. Ouch.

But, thanks to the recent drop in the value of the Euro, castles in Europe are going at bargain bin prices. Why not throw it into one of these awesome medieval castles instead? You’ll even have money left over for the servants.

1. Ballindooley Castle, Galway, Ireland/Listing

Price: 634,000 USD

2. Vendee, Pays de la Loire, France

Price: 528,000 USD/ Listing


3. Castle in Nievre, Burgundy, France

Price: 995000 USD/Listing 


4. 20th Century Castle in Casas de Benitez, Spain

Price: 450000 USD


5. Castle in Le Marche, France

Price: 885000 USD/Listing


6. Chateau De Malvaux, France

7. Glanmore Castle, Ireland

Price: Less than 1 Million/Listing

As a thank you, we expect to be invited to your housewarming party.