7 Terrifying Travel Attractions for Your Inner Adrenaline Junky

Adrenaline junkies. We all know one, hell, we even may be one. But there are some experiences around the world that are reserved for only the most hardcore, the most fearless, and the most insane. “Adventure travel” is a term that’s thrown around a lot nowadays, but these 5 experiences from around the globe really earn the name. You won’t see thrills like this anywhere else, and that might not be a bad thing. Just don’t blame us if it all goes wrong.

1. Zip2000, Sun City, South Africa

Why it’s awesome: With top speeds sometimes clocking in at over 85 miles per hours, the 1.2 mile Zip2000 zipline is the fastest zipline in the world. The company is kind enough to supply safety goggles, a necessity if you want to enjoy any of the beauty of South Africa while hurtling headfirst towards the ground.

2. Hiking Mount Huashan in China

When the titles for a hike’s youtube search consist of fun phrases like “most dangerous trail in the world!”, “one step from death”, and “for suicidal people only”, it’s safe to say you’ve stumbled onto something that might just be a tad bit insane. Welcome to the Mount Huashan plank walk, a trail considered holy by the monks who helped create the path in the 2nd century. I would assume it must be by now, considering how many prayers I’m sure have been said along the route.
Trust Your Chinese Engineer

3. Skydiving Over Mount Everest, Nepal

Yes please.

Oh, what’s that? You’ve gone skydiving from the paltry height of 12,000 feet? Why don’t you take the highest (and most scenic) skydive in the entire world, all while symbolically conquering the world’s highest mountain? Jumping from the insane height of 29,500 feetyou’ll enjoy nearly three minutes of breathless free fall. Try not to pity the poor climbers who missed out on this much easier way to see the summit.

Of course, if that’s not enough, you could always try to replicate the world’s tallest base jump:

4.  Devil’s Edge Pool, Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe
not me

Devil’s Edge pool is a picturesque and beautiful swimming hole, which just happens to find itself adjacent to one of the tallest waterfalls in the world. When pictures of the pool first surfaced online, many claimed the pictures were fake, due to the absolutely gut wrenching proximity of swimmers to a certain and terrible death. The pictures are indeed real, and visitors to the falls can follow a guide on the one hour hike to take part in one of the most unique swimming experiences on Earth.
(013) Devil's Pool, Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. (La piscina del diavolo alle Victoria Falls)

5. The Swing at The End of The World, Ecuador

Captured by photographer Sean Hacker Teper, this incredible image shows the view shortly evacuation due to the oncoming ash cloud.

This swing located in Banos, Ecuador, is most dangerous swing anywhere and is definitely NOT for kids. Overlooking the lush landscape of Ecuador’s rainforests and active volcanoes, thrill seekers will find themselves swinging from a rickety tree top far above the valley below. Unfortunately, due to the exploding popularity of the destination, it’s feared that it may have to be closed due to overuse. So if you have your heart set on swinging your life away (maybe literally, who knows) you better head to Ecuador ASAP before this one disappears.

6. Royal Gorge Bridge Bungy, Colorado, USA

The highest available bungy jump in the world, adventurous travelers can vie for the chance to jump from nearly 1000 feet into the air above the Arkansas River. Unfortunately, this jump is only offered 3 days out of the year and by invitation only. We were unable to find just exactly what you have to do to qualify for one of these invitations, but I would assume it’s by doing the first 5 things on this list.

Royal Gorge Bridge from below

7. Volcano Bungee Jump, Pucon, Chile


As if the tallest jump in the world wasn’t enough, you can now turn the heat up on your adrenaline junkie meter by jumping headfirst into a live, lava belching volcano. The price isn’t cheap (10,000 dollars!), but this one of a kind jump will place you just 700 feet above a boiling cauldron of live magma. As an added bonus, once you’ve jumped you get to enjoy a 35 mile trip dangling 80 feet below your helicopter.
bungee jumpingThe only explanation for all this? Some people really are insane.

Cover photo by Aaron Feen on FLickr