Baltimore is More Than What You’re Seeing on the News

Baltimore is one of the most interesting cities in the U.S. It contains a diverse population, varied neighborhoods, and excellent cultural attractions. I personally find Baltimore one of the hidden gems of the U.S. East coast. It’s a proud city with many different personalities.

It’s a shame, however, that recent events have perpetuated a stereotype of Baltimore as nothing more than a crime ridden city. With riots reaching a peak over the last couple days, many people will surely start to view Baltimore as a stopover to other destinations, if they plan on visiting at all. We think that is a SHAME. It’s a great city to visit, it’s centrally located to MANY attractions, and its residents are completely happy moving at their own pace. One of its nicknames is the “Charm City”, and for good reason.

So forget all the negative press surrounding Baltimore at the moment. Sure, it has its problems…but really, what city doesn’t? If you’re still on the fence, here are just THREE reasons it’s well worth a visit, with hundreds more after that:

1. Fort McHenry
Fort McHenry, Baltimore Maryland

Source: Flickr

Fort McHenry is the birthplace of the Star Spangled Banner! Francis Scott Key wrote the poem after the fort helped repel an attack by the British Navy in 1812.

2. Oriole Park
Oriole Park at Camden Yards
  Source: Flickr 

Widely regarded as one of the finest stadiums in all of baseball, catching a baseball game is a must-do experience when visiting Baltimore.

3. American Visionary Art Museum
american visionary art museum in baltimore

An absolutely spectacular and bizarre museum, this vast collection of art by self taught painters and sculptors can really change your perspective on how you view artistic expression.

And if that’s not enough, there’s the aquarium, historic buildings, foods from all over the world, and a bustling downtown area!

Realistically, we wouldn’t feel the need to put up this article if it weren’t for so many of the negative things we were hearing from people who had never visited the city. So if you find yourself glossing over Baltimore as stop on your East Coast road trip, we would urge you to stop and reconsider your route!