Bunny Show Hopping Exists, and It’s Pretty Much the Cutest Thing EVER

Ladies and gentlemen, let us introduce the latest hottest sporting trend overtaking Europe.  Forget soccer, forget tennis, forget basketball. Welcome to…


And trust us, it’s as cute as it sounds.  Actually, on second though, it’s even CUTER than it sounds. Take a look:
Bunny Show Jumping
Source: Thowra-UK on Flickr

What I’ve found out so far:

1. It started in Sweden in the 1970’s.

My favourite rabbit jumping pic by far
Source: Dave’s Portfolio on Flickr

2. There are now clubs all over the world.
Rabbit hopping in Sydney, Australia
Source: Rasmus Bjerner on Flickr

3. The world record for highest rabbit jump is held by Snöflingans, of Sweden. SNOFLINGANS, people.

4. Vice was kind enough to record a video of one of these competitions.

As if anyone needed another reason to visit the Nordic countries.  Might as well retire my “cute things to see before I die” bucket list, because I don’t think it’s going to get better than this.

And bonus pics, because why the the heck not. Happy Friday!
bunny hurdles
Source: Charlie Mccafferty on Flickr
Rabbit hopping
Little Bunnies

Source: Jannes Pockele on Flickr