Discovered During Routine Construction, This Discovery in Turkey was “The Archeological Find of 2014”

The region of Cappadocia in central Turkey is one of our favorite travel destinations. Home to beautiful landscapes and thousands of years of history, it is a must see stop for anyone in the country. Throughout the rolling hills and deep valleys lie 1000’s of years of undiscovered history, from small abandoned tombs and churches to full blown ancient cities. There are sights everywhere which will make you stop and stare.

But, what a construction crew discovered while building homes for a new suburb is truly amazing. Underneath the ground the crew discovered what looked like buildings…which turned into tunnels…which eventually turned into a full blown city. When archaeologists arrived on the scene they were astounded. Approximately 7.5 kilometers of tunnels and buildings had lain hidden in the sand for the last 5000 years. Much of the history and story of what happened to this city remains a mystery, but as scientists begin to explore more they hope to unravel the full story.

Take a look at what’s been excavated so far, and remember this is only a small portion of what else lies below:
Cappadocia / Derinkuyu
Cappadocia / Derinkuyu
Underground city in Derinkuyu