From the Shore, It’s Just a Rock, but What’s on the Other Side Will Amaze You

Some of the most exotic places in the world are the best hidden. Take, for example, the Greek town of Monemvasia. It’s absolutely beautiful and worth the visit. Don’t believe me? Just take a look at this photo!

Monemvasia, Greece


Source: cdnbusiness on flickr


That’s right, when looking at the town from the shore you’re greeted with a whole lot of…nothing. In fact, if you went out of your way to visit you might be disapointed. It’s only when you cross the narrow causeway to the other side of the island are you greeted with THIS:


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The island was supposedly separated from the mainland in 375 A.D.  Since then it’s remained and prospered, even repelling three  years of siege in the 11th century. It’s full of charming scenes like these:
source: flickr

If you do plan on visiting, make sure you book early. There are only 2 hotels in the town and they are almost always booked. But, if you do get a reservation, make sure to kick back and take in the scenery of one of the best kept secrets (literally!) of Europe.