Insanely Talented Street Performers Are Too Good at Their Jobs

Anyone who has done a bit of walking around a major city is sure to have run into their fair share of street performers.  From musicians, to jugglers, to weird guys who stand around painted as a robot, they are a dime a dozen.  But, these 6 street performers will remind you that for every run of the mill performer out there, there is one who might just blow your mind.

1. Taiwanese street performer Issac Hou’s insane mastery of the cyr wheel

2.   A Human Beat Machine – it’s unbelievable that these sounds come from the mouth of a human being

3. Mozart wrote music with many instruments in mind, but somehow I think a table of 50 water filled glasses wasn’t one of them.

4. This guy in Senegal combines dancing and bicycles into an unreal display of balance and athleticism

5. “Big Toe” AKA Mark Goffeney playing “Drift Away”. This guy has more talent than myself, and I have 5 years of lessons and 2 working hands.

6. These guys in New York’s Union Square sure know how to put on a show. Insane athleticism meets great showmanship.

BONUS: Putting the “street” in street performer: