New Jersey’s 6 Creepiest Locations. Number 4 Is Terrifying…

Based on the great feedback we received, we just added part 2 to this list here

1. Devil’s Tower (Alpine)
Devil's Tower
The Devils Tower

Nestled away in the nice town of Alpine, you’ll find the ominous stone structure known as the “Devil’s Tower”. After driving through a seemingly normal neighborhood you’ll arrive at the massive stone structure, supposedly haunted by the wife of the man who had it built. A true source of creepy in an otherwise totally normal area.

2. The Gates of Hell (Clifton)



A series of underground tunnels and storm drains that crisscross deep beneath Clifton. Take one look through the dark entrance and you’ll have serious thoughts about going any further. And if you do decide to enter, paranormal activity may be the least of your concern – the tunnels can become extremely dangerous to to water rapidly flooding the pathways. Spooky stuff.

3. Clinton Road

This long, lonely stretch of road is famous for the many horror stories associated with those brave enough to drive it at night. Ghost cars, angry truckers, screeching noises and yelling…it’s all here. Check out this video from the Travel Channel to get a better sense of what it’s really like to travel on “America’s Creepiest Road”

4. Greystone Park Insane Asylum

Psychatric Ward

At the centre of a sprawling one square mile site is this terrifying former mental institution. Founded in 1875 and known as Greystone Park, the New Jersey State Hospital for the Insane makes for an imposing sight. It was basically its own city, now, it’s just an extremely creepy location you DON’T want to be in after dark.

5. Spy House (Port Monmouth)


It’s been called “the most haunted house in America” and that very well may be true. Countless visitors have recalled visits from ghostly apparitions and paranormal sights galore. There are supposedly bodies of pirates buried beneath the house, still searching for their way out.

6. The Devil’s Tree (Mountain Road, Bernards)

devils treeDevils-Tree1

According to the stories told by the locals, a farmer killed his wife and family then proceeded to hang himself on this very tree. While this story is impossible to prove whether it’s true or not, the story has persisted. There is something about the tree standing by itself, with barely any leaves, that will leave visitors feeling a chill in their bones. And don’t try to cut it down. Anyone who cuts down the tree will meet an untimely death.

So, that’s our list. Locals, what are some of the other creepy places you know of? Any scary, unexplained stories to share?

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