The 14 Types of Travelers You’ll Meet In Your Next Hostel

Traveling is all about the people you meet. You spend your time interacting with the locals, haggling with taxi drivers, and making your way around a new and exciting city. Then, If you’re young and don’t have a lot of money, odds are  you will be spending the night in the wonderful world of group accommodation – hostels.

Now, hostels are amazing places where real connections are made, but that hasn’t stopped us from poking a little fun at some of their stereotypical residents. How many of these do you recognize?

1. The extremely in-love couple
cute penguin couple - explored

They introduce themselves as a single unit, they never seem to be far apart from eachother, and they don’t join in when invited because they always seem to be “planning for tomorrow”. Pays for two beds, but will only sleep in one.

2. The couple who seems like they’re about to break up
He doubted her seriousness

The complete flip side of the in love couple, they will try and pull you into their arguments within the first five minutes of meeting them. Stay as neutral as possible and make sure you have ear plugs for their inevitable 3 A.M. drunken fight.

3. The “resident”
Saudi Arabia - Riyadh - Cairo Hotel 1979

He/she has been in the hostel for far too long. They know all the staff, they can direct you to any utensil in the kitchen, and are on a first name basis with the owner.

4. The rowdy group of drunk 18 year olds
Beach Party! (IMG_1309c)

It’s their first time away from their parents. They will get drunk, be loud, and one will probably pass out on the floor of your dorm.  But, give ’em a break – we’ve all been there!

5. The guitar guy

He’s playing a guitar in the common room, he’s playing a guitar in the kitchen, somehow he has a guitar with him at the beach…where does he keep it?! Probably only knows 2 songs, but he’s still more popular with the ladies than you.

6. The traveler who has been to one more place than everyone else
Pierre, Time traveler

The classic one-upper, every time you mention an experience you’ve had they will have to do it one better. Have you gone skydiving in Africa?  You better bet this guy has skydived too, but from space. Most likely to have their bag covered in flags and to carry their old passports.

7. The one random 75 year old dude who wears skinny jeans
An age old brew

No one really knows this guy’s story.  Where did he come from? Why is he here? Once you get past the initial awkwardness, however, you will probably realize this guy has awesome life experience and is just trying to stay young. Also, he will probably offer you drugs.

8. The partying Australians
Eastern Grey Kangaroo

Now, Australians are some of the friendliest travelers in the world. They also seem to party the hardest. If you stay in a hostel that has a bar, you will at any time find at least 1 Australian drinking. If you want to have a good time, buy them a drink.

9. The Cooks

Every night, they appear in the hostel kitchen with an amazing array of ingredients and spices. While you are gorging yourself on 10 cent noodles and cheap beer, they are dining on what appears to be restaurant quality dishes, complete with vintage wines and perfectly set tables. The experienced traveler makes friends with this group first.

10. The “Lifer”
The Travelers Three

They have been to 150 countries, hasn’t been home in 20 years, and knows how to say “hello” in every language on Earth. They aren’t phased by anything anymore, and at this point traveling is their whole life. They don’t need guidebooks, they ARE guidebooks.

11. The guy with only two pairs of clothes

He probably prides himself on packing light, at the expense of a certain level of cleanliness.  Washes his off pair of combination shorts/pants in the sink every other night.

12. The “Probably too rich to be staying here” group

They have 3 suitcases, an amazing set of electronics, and a tour booked for the rest of their trip. Will probably comment on how dirty/loud/unorganized the hostel is, and will leave you wondering how they even ended up in a hostel anyway.

13. The one who is way too invested in their phone/laptop/ipod

We get it, it’s important to check in and stay in touch with your friends and family back home. But, their first move when checking in is ALWAYS the wi-fi password, and they will spend more time face booking than meeting new people. Close the laptop for a while!

14. The rest of us
099 20090412164353 Medan 08 - Cool boy in the presidential sultanate

Because we would never be any of these, right? 😉