Why Everyone Needs a German Travel Buddy

1.They make sure you are always on time. Planning on taking that train at 8? You better be damn sure they are going to be there right at 7:55.

Train Station

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2. They make amazing drinking buddies. Once you’ve shared a night of drinking with a new German friend you’ll understand. Ich besorge das Bier! (I’ll get the beer).

Toasting with beers©O.van de Kerchove_ BITC

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3. They are amazing at haggling. I don’t know what it is, but German directness translates directly to getting the best price on everything.

The Haggle

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4. They always say what they mean. Rather then beating around the bush, a German travel buddy will tell you what they are thinking. Sure saves a lot of time in conversation.

5. They all seem to be fit and always ready to go. Walking 15 miles that day? Don’t sweat it, your German friend won’t even be bothered.

Germany 4 : 0 Argentinia

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6. They all speak great English, a byproduct of an excellent education system and a well traveled culture. You’ll never forget the first time your English is corrected by a German mate.

7. When they say you are now friends, they really mean it. Seriously. Unlike some other countries Germans will be reserved until they really see you as a friend. When they finally do, they are extremely loyal.

The look // Fusion Festival 2014

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8. It might take a while to see it, but they have a great sense of humor. Anyone who says Germans are humorless probably haven’t traveled with one.

9. They are probably better traveled than you. Looking at checking out a new destination? They’ve probably already been there and can tell you the best places to stay.

Our precious Earth.

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10. They stick up for you in tight situations. As long as you’re in the right, they have your back!

11. They always have a plan. Even when things seem to be totally going wrong, count on your German travel buddy to have a way out.